SEIU Local 99—in partnership with our allies in the California State Legislature, Senator Anthony Portantino and Assembly member Laura Friedman—have introduced two bills aimed at improving the jobs and lives of public school workers, and expanding the ability of our schools to provide meaningful parent and family engagement. They are:

Senate Bill 1177 — Classified School Employees Summer Fund

SB 1177 (Portantino) aims to address the economic hardship faced by nearly 300,000 classified school employees in California every summer when school is out. It is similar to last year's AB 621 Summer Bridge Bill. While that bill was vetoed by Governor Brown, we have continued to gain support for this important issue and SB 1177 signals to legislators that we will not give up until we win justice for dedicated school workers.

If passed, SB 1177 will initiate the creation of a six-year pilot program where eligible 10-month classified employees can voluntarily contribute a portion of their pay to a State matching fund. For every one dollar an employee sets aside, the State will match it by two dollars, up to 10 days or 80 hours worth of employment, whichever is greater. Come summer time, employees will be able to access the funds they set aside from their pay and the state matching funds, for a total of (up to) 30 days or 240 hours worth of pay.

While we're pushing for SB 1177, we're also pushing legislators to pass a state budget that will include financial relief for classified employees during the summer.

Assembly Bill 2261 — Lifting Up the Parent Voice in Our Schools

Community Representatives, play a vital role as problem-solvers between the school and community, and are an invaluable resource and advocate for parents and students. However, under the current Education Code (Section 45258), Community Representatives are unclassified, at-will employees with their work hours capped at 720 hours per school year. This ends up being less than 4 hours a day, though most Community Reps often work additional unpaid hours due to the demands of the position, and their commitment to meaningful parent and community engagement. We have long recognized this to be unfair to Community Representative.

AB 2261 (Friedman) would revise Section 45258 of the Education Code and make the Community Representative position a classified position. This change will:

  • Allow Community Reps to foster stronger ties with more parents and help more students succeed.
  • Lift the cap on their work hours so that they are paid for the time they work.
  • Allow school sites to invest in keeping their parent centers open and accessible for more time during the school year.
  • Give them "just cause" job protections that other classified employees have. This mean they will no longer be at-will employees, strengthening their ability to advocate on behalf of students and parents.
Want SB 1177 and AB 2261 to Pass? Your Voice is Needed—May 22-23 in Sacramento

Deeply personal stories have the power to move people - even politicians! The people we need to move are legislators in the Assembly and Senate who will be deciding whether or not to make SB 1177 and AB 2261 California law.

From Tuesday, May 22 to Wednesday, May 23, join your fellow Local 99 brothers and sister on a turnaround bus trip to the state capitol. There, we will meet directly with legislators to help them see past the numbers and understand the real human impact of their decisions.

Where / When to Meet

Please plan to arrive by 10:00 pm on Tuesday, May 22nd at:

SEIU Local 99 Downtown LA
2724 W. 8th St.
Los Angeles, 90005.

Members can park for free overnight in our gated lot. As parking is limited, we suggest getting dropped off.

For members in the San Fernando Valley, you have the option of meeting at the Denny’s at 12861 Encinitas Ave. in Sylmar. Please indicate on the registration form if you'd like to be picked-up from there.

Things to Note
  • Only members of SEIU Local 99 can participate in this trip. If you are not a member, you can apply for membership at www.seiu99.org/joinus.

  • Members are responsible for requesting their own time off from work.

  • Buses depart late night May 22 and return about 11 pm on May 23. Free overnight parking is available in our gated lot. As parking is limited, we suggest getting dropped off.

  • All meals will be provided.