We're turning up the heat in October!

Organize an Informational Picket Line at your school. This is about fair wages, more staffing, and putting our feet down and saying: no cuts! 

In our recent bargaining session on Sept. 27, the District did not come back with a fair wage proposal. They're still offering the same one-time 2% raise, but they added on 1% one-time bonus. This is NOT the "generous" offer they said they'd come back to us with and it certainly is not a fair wage counter-offer.

In response, Local 99 members are setting up informational picket lines in front of schools throughout the month of October.

An informational picket is not a strike. It is a way to inform parents and the public that the District is not making fair proposals on wages, increased staffing, and other issues that affect the quality of student services. Workers participate on their own time – before or after school or during breaks. 

Informational pickets also serve another purpose: to flex some union strength! The District needs to see that we have the ability to cause disruptions if they continue to stonewall our Bargaining Team. But, this pressure will only be felt if we participate en masse. In the end, how good of a contract we sign will be entirely dependent on how unified and involved we are as a union of school workers. 

So are you in? Set up an informational picket line at your school. Fill out this form and we’ll provide you with all the information and materials you need.

Note: If you have heard rumors of a strike happening, they are just that - rumors. Strikes only happen if there is an impasse in the negotiation process and if there is a strike authorization vote that calls for a strike. The Bargaining Team is still having regular bargaining sessions with District negotiators. The most accurate and up-to-date news on bargaining can be found at www.qualityschoolsbetterlives.org.