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SEIU Local 99's Member Resource Center (MRC) provides advice and representation on a variety of issues affecting your job and working conditions, including payroll, vacation and leave of absence issues, hours and assignments, contract questions, workers compensation, disciplinary meetings, grievance procedures, job transfers and more.

If you have a worksite concern or believe your contract or rights are being violated, contact us by completing the inquiry form on the right. Please be as specific as possible. Your answers are confidential. The information you provide will only be used by SEIU Local 99 to help determine the next steps needed to address your issue. 

Looking for your contract? Find it here.

Additional Instructions for Type of Issue

If your issue is any of the following, please take the appropriate action.

Pre-disciplinary Meeting
In the Inquiry Form, enter the date, time and location of the meeting, who the meeting is with, and what it is regarding. Please note that assistance with disciplinary meetings is a privilege of Union membership and only provided to SEIU Local 99 members. Not a member? Sign-up here.

Conference or Other Meeting
If you are requested for a meeting about the issue, ask a coworker to be a witness (preferably a SEIU Local 99 Steward of fellow member).

Fill out and submit the District's Workplace Violence Prevention Form. Call the Member Resource Center at (213) 637-0296 if the issue persists.

Fill out and submit the District's Employment Discrimination Complaint Form. You can also file a formal complaint with the federal government. Call the Member Resource Center at (213) 637-0296 if the issue persists.