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Contribute to SEIU COPE,
Contribute to the Change You Want to See!

To win for working people, and rebuild the American Dream, SEIU Local 99 supports elected officials and candidates who share our vision of a nation that invests in good jobs, quality public education, and opportunities for all—not just the richest 1%.

What is COPE? COPE stands for Committee on Political Education and is our union's voluntary fund, which enables us to have a direct impact on political elections and key issues affecting our jobs, our families, and our communities. Our COPE dollars are used to:

  • Lobby lawmakers to pass legislation that support good jobs and quality education.
  • Mobilize voters to vote in elections and on ballot measures that impact us.
  • Support candidates who support working people through campaign contributions and voter outreach.

What Victories Have We Gained Through COPE?

  • We've elected school board members who supported wage increases at LAUSD, including the historic $15/hour minimum wage and other contract gains like protecting and expanding our health care benefits.
  • We won Proposition 30, a ballot initiative that brought much-needed funding and financial stability back into our schools.
  • We mobilized a historic campaign to elect Barack Obama.
  • We passed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which, in just one year, has reduced the number of uninsured Americans by 12 million.

We Need to Continue to Make Politics Work for Us

Your COPE contribution of $10 or more will strengthen our efforts to win unemployment insurance benefits for school workers during the summer, secure continued funding for our jobs and school, and more.

Our victories depend not just on our energy and passion, but also our investment. By joining hundreds of thousands of your fellow SEIU members who are digging deep and investing in a voice in politics, you will send a clear message: Working people deserve elected representatives who will fight for an economy that works for all people!

See Your COPE Contributions at Work for Working People

If you would prefer to contribute by mail, print, fill out, and return our Membership Application Form, which includes the COPE Authorization form.