Stand Union Strong!
Be a Member of SEIU Local 99

Together, we've fought for—and won—increased funding for education that stopped furloughs, layoffs and other budget cuts, a historic increase in the minimum wage at LAUSD to $15 per hour that raised the wage floor for everyone, a strong voice to protect our rights and benefits on the job including seniority, paid vacation, sick leave, and much more!

But we still have more to win, including summer relief for school workers and more wage increases and health care for all.  It's all about strength in numbers: when you become a member of SEIU Local 99, you join with thousands of other education workers speaking with one unified voice on the issues that impact all of us. 

Member rights and privileges. As an official SEIU Local 99 member, you’ll gain member-only rights and privileges, including:

  • The right to vote on the contract that governs your job
  • The right to attend member-only meetings and have a say in decisions that impact your job
  • Emergency assistance with paying rent or bills, unemployment disability insurance, personal or family health, family and legal counseling, food, and more
  • Joining your fellow members to lobby for more education funding and legislation that supports school workers and quality student services.
  • Discounts to thousands of entertainment venues and restaurants, for vacation packages, products and services, and access to special events like the union picnic or our private member party at Magic Mountain.
  • Free first aid and CPR training
  • A stronger voice on the job to fight for better wages, health care benefits, training opportunities, work hours, and more!

What do member dues pay for?

  • A Strong Voice on the Job. Together, we can fight for better wages and hours, benefits, and working conditions.
  • A Contract. This legally-binding document guarantees your employment conditions and it's your union's job to ensure our contract is respected.
  • Representation. We also handle grievance and disciplinary cases.
  • Member Relations. To keep you informed of current events, pending and new legislation, changes in your job, and other things that matter to you.
  • Fun and Discounts. We offer discounted tickets to theme parks, movie theatres, and much more. We also have annual activities for all members, including our Family Picnic, Casino Trip, End-of-Year gala.
  • Programs. Classes to advance your career, Labor Management Committees, free CPR and first aid training

Join now. Simply fill out and submit the form to the right. You'll receive more information in the mail, including your Official Membership Card, so make sure your mailing address is correct.